Privacy | GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance

I am a freelance English-language copyeditor, and I collect certain basic information in order to market my services and carry out work entrusted to me.

The information I collect is limited to names, work titles, work addresses, and whatever you choose to share with me when contracting my services. This information is kept on a password-protected computer, two password-protected external hard drives, and a GDPR-compliant offsite backup service.

Temporary paper files are shredded at the end of each project; longer-term paper records, if any, are shredded at the end of seven years.

All records, digital and paper, are kept in a locked home office. On the rare occasions when I work at other locations, work equipment is under my immediate control at all times.

It is my goal to make my marketing communications as useful, noninvasive, and recipient-friendly as possible, and I will of course immediately cease those communications at your request.

My website host is GDPR-compliant, and I do not use any technology that tracks or analyzes visitors to the site.

I will not share your data with a third party except with your explicit written permission (or in the unlikely event that I am legally compelled to do so).

My contact information is provided here.